Solution for intelligent
search and analysis of large-scale text collections


What is TextAppliance?

The “Technologies for systems analysis” company has developed a unique product – a system for intelligent search and analysis of large-scale text collections, that consists of a server (or a cluster of servers) and intelligent services for analysis of large-scale text collections.

TextAppliance solves following tasks:

Indexing of large-scale text collections from open sources, data bases, enterprise repository etc. as well as meta-information extraction
Quick reference with topic of documents by automatically generated keywords and key phrases
Explorative search for documents with similar topic
Quick reference with topic of documents by automatically generated text annotations
Various types of search: faceted search by textual and non-textual metadata, semantic search, question-answering search, explorative search, keyword search
Formation, comparison and topic analysis of user’s collections (topic clustering, keyword extraction…)
Plagiarism detection
Thematic analysis of document collections

TextAppliance entered the unified register of the Russian programs for electronic computers and databases. Сertificate of trademark.

How does TextAppliance work?

Comparing to other search engines, TextAppliance offers a wide set of analytical functions and combines algorithms of statistical and linguistic analysis. TextAppliance is based on Exactus technologies.

For clients

If your company has to deal with large-scale text collections, TextAppliance will help you to increase working efficiency and to solve a set of analytical tasks.

It is very easy to start work with TextAppliance:

TextAppliance is integrated to your infrastructure
TextAppliance is configured to your tasks
We index your text collections
You can enjoy TextAppliance functions through your interface

For partners and distributors

Our company is open for cooperation and looking for distributors. We make a contract with every distributor for attraction of new clients.


If you have any questions concerning obtaining or implementation of the product please contact us

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